I'm Laura. That's me there, with the three loves of my life. Yes. I said three. Check out my super handsome hubby's hand, top right corner. *swoon*

First and foremost I'm a mama to two cuties. I homeschool. Even though I never in a million years thought I would be "that" Mom. But we all love the freedom, flexibility and fun that comes with it. 


I started my photography career taking photos of products for brands including my own online store. I very quickly realized I love capturing the organic, raw and intimate moments much more than getting "the shot."

 I MUCH prefer the inbetweens. That’s where you find the magic. Where movement is not lost. Where a photo isn’t tossed out because hair is blowing wild. Or when the love of your life locks eyes with yours. Not with my lens.

Those are the moments and the memories you want to remember and treasure.


Because when you strip the perfection of Facebook worthy photos. They become memory worthy photos.

When you look back 40,50,60 years from now you’ll see natural interactions with your loved ones. Instead of remembering the stress of flawlessly poised set ups.

So if you’re looking to capture real memories. Organic, unposed moments with your loves. Hit me up 🤙