Fort Lauderdale Maternity Shoot In The Ocean

It kinda felt like 'Despacito' should have been playing in the background of this session. There was that electricity in the water as the Florida sun came down. The waves were slow and rolling. Robbie and Julia barely spent a second away from each other's gaze. The steaaaammm from this session was real, and innuendos were thrown left and right. Yep... I'm still talking about a maternity session. Check it out. This ain't yo mama's maternity shoot. (Side Note: I just read this to my husband...and he said "... is that it? that's the whole blog? You usually have this huge thing about your feelings.") That's it folks! Because we're about to start Game of Thrones. I know... start! Scroll to see this amazing shoot, with these amazing people, that made me feel lots of feels... that I'll spare this blog of.

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