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I'm now offering surprise proposal packages!

Paris Proposal

Laura was outstanding to work with. Very accommodating, fun, and easy going. She just went with the flow. We came up with a plan for my surprise proposal in an hour after meeting for the first time in Paris and everything worked out. Would recommend to anybody and everybody! - Chris Nguyen (New Jersey)

currently just $450 when you message me today! click the button below!

But let's talk about you!

You've decided you're going to propose.

Maybe you have the ring already... good pick. She's gonna love it. 

You've thought about where you want to drop to one knee. (Remember she mentioned that one place she loves?)

You're already imagining her reaction.
Tears maybe? Hers... yours?

The best kiss EVER.

This is likely going to be among the top hmm maybe 3 most romantic gestures you do?

When you're bringing that level of romance, let's make sure to capture those reactions!!

Because you can't get much more romantic than surprising her with a gallery of photos from the day she'll want to remember forever.

We'll set a date to meet prior to the proposal to create our plan of action. 

On THE day, I'll be 
around you guys. Casually photographing from angles that won't raise suspicion.

Rough draft but here it is:
We'll maybe start at a coffee shop where I'll be sitting across the room as you walk in. I'll take photos as you leave and approach the spot you chose. You'll give me a 10 second warning signal as I line myself up to frame my shot. You get on one knee, she jumps back. Then I'll stay with you both for some after shots. Even join you for after-plans if you want to capture those as well.

For a better visual  go check out a recent surprise proposal I shot in Paris on: the blog

When you book me I'll be there to:

  • Help you with logistics (where can I find this flower field? What time has the least crowds etc.)

  • Guide you in making a plan for the proposal (what time of day is best for lighting? Which angle works best for photos?)

  • Meet in person prior to proposing (at the location you plan to propose to map out a plan)

  • Capture the moments on the day leading up to the proposal (strolling along the beach, sitting in a cafe)

  • Capture her reaction (and yours and the moments or hours after. While you're both in the euphoria of newly engaged feels!)

  • Tell your story ( for you both to look back on, to share with your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond.)

    you've put a lot of thought into this story. Let's make sure it's told beautifully.

    My surprise proposal packages start at $800 


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